Grow lights come in nearly infinite shapes, sizes, and prices.

There’s much to consider before choosing one.

Some things you should think about are:

What purpose will my grow lights serve?

I have several different grow lights that I use in different ways.

I have this set of three plastic stackables that I use when I am propagating a bunch of seedlings or cuttings to be sold or given away as gifts.

These get unstacked and stored in a closet when not in use. They work pretty well because of the adjustable lighting.

But, they look cheap. That’s why I only use them occasionally and only in my second bedroom, which serves as my home office anyway. (Keep out) lol

I like this grow stand because it looks much nicer than the plastic grow stand I have (pictured above). It actually looks like a nice piece of furniture, rather than a cheap plastic utility.

This grow stand doesn’t look out of place in my condo’s decor, therefore I can use it year-round to keep my favorite plants healthily on display.

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I use lights like these two models to give my houseplants a helping hand during the fall and winter months when I don’t get much sunshine.

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New England, what can you do?

Both of these are on adjustable goosenecks and have clips on the bottom to secure them.

If you don’t have anything to clip to near your plants you can just use a hefty book.

I like the natural sunligh model better than the red/blue light model because you can also use it as a regular desk lamp or a focused reading lamp.

Also, it has replaceable bulbs which you can easily order from Amazon.

Those are my personal grow light recommendations, I hope this helps you decide which grow lights are best for your indoor houseplant needs.