As far as indoor houseplants go, you don’t really need too many gardening tools.

Basics you’ll need are:

  • Gloves
  • A mister
  • Pruner
  • Small Rake
  • Planting tools
  • Trowel
  • Digging Claw
  • Watering Cannister

You won’t even use some of these all that often, but it’s good to have a well rounded set of tools just in case.

I like this set from Coleman.

Click here or on the image to check availability and price.

If you like your tool to be a bit more stylish, then this set from Ulike might be one, well….You Like.

Click to check price, and escape my feeble attempt at humor.

If you don’t feel you’re ready for the big time world of serious houseplant growers yet, but still want to dabble on the weekends, then a smaller set of gardening tools might be more your size.

Here’s a good looking small set from The Wrapables.

If you live in a climate that has dry seasons then simple spay bottle misting might not be enough to keep your plants healthy and happy.

You might want to consider a humidifier.

I have this one because it will run for 70 hours on one gallon of water.

More advanced plant lovers may want to own a moisture/ph tester.

This one also has a light sensor that can test sunlight up to 20000LUX.

And of course, you need something to fill with water to keep your lovelies from getting too thirsty.

Here’s a link to a variety of houseplant watering cans on

That’s about it as far as tools for houseplants.

I hope you find these recommendations useful in helping you keep your plants growing big and beautiful.